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Maida Healthcare Ltd is a registered healthcare service organisation running specialist medical centre located in Nakuru. It was founded with the aim of providing ’best-in-class’ affordable, high standard healthcare services to patients. Maida Healthcare has gained a niche in the provision of dialysis services that provide premier patient experience. Maida Healthcare offer specialist services covering internal medicine, dietetics, dialysis and general practice. At Maida Healthcare, we believe that attending to our patients’ medical needs enables them to better their lives and hence our customer value proposition statement ‘care for better healthcare’. These key specialists are supported by highly trained and courteous doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists, administrative and auxiliary staffs who strive to make patients experience at Maida Healthcare as pleasant as possible. Maida Healthcare facility is currently working on NHIF and other Insurances for Accreditation to provide – Outpatient services, Dialysis and Diagnostic Package. 

At Maida Healthcare, we place high regard for safety, professionalism and clear understanding of the patient’s needs which are the hallmark of our culture. The medical centre is anchored by five key distinctive qualities:  

  1. A focus on client service, communication and responsiveness  
  1. Adopting best business practice that enhance integrity 
  1. Honest practical and technically astute advice  
  1. A strong focus on delivering efficient reliable and timely service.  
  1. High Quality documentation.   

OUR MISSION; To be a leader in providing quality, compassionate patient -centred care that seeks physical cures and comforts as well as peace of mind and peace of. 

OUR VISION; Providing affordable, efficacious and high-quality health care through in-patient and outpatient services to all without deviation. 

OUR VALUES; To provide quality and affordable health care to all. 


  1. Outpatient/consultation; 
  1. Dialysis; 
  1. Laboratory; 
  1. Pharmacy; 

Our Dialysis Unit run for 6 days a week. They are equipped with the state-of the-art new machines which are regularly serviced to enable smooth running. The unit is run by qualified Renal Nurses who get directions from our Nephrologist. 

The Laboratory offers all basic and special Laboratory investigations. It is manned by qualified personnel and is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art machines that are regularly serviced to ensure efficiency and accuracy of results. 

Pharmacy: Manned by highly qualified professional staff with specialized certifications, Maida Healthcare pharmacy prides in the quality of professional services offered to clients. The pharmacy is committed to providing effective services to out-patients, whilst ensuring that treatment is safe and appropriate. We dispense quality medicines at the best price possible.  

Outpatient/Consultation: We employ qualified and experienced Doctors and clinical officers to ensure that our patients get the best medical advice and care. We have a fully-fledged hospital Management System that improves on the speed of delivery of services. We also offer specialized clinic such as Nephrology: 


Quality Standards and Protocols 

In order to ensure that all our clients receive the same high quality of service, we operate a quality management policy, which is continually updated and re- appraised, to ensure that the highest level of service is delivered at all times. 

All the departments have tailor-made standard operating procedures that act as guidelines and maps for efficiency and effective service delivery. The procedures contain instructions of service delivery methods, safety and security of clients amongst others.  

There are protocols laid down to deal with integrity, ethics, confidentiality of information and other aspects of service provision and wellbeing of the staff. We aim to agree with each client a service standard relating to our work and we monitor our performance against that standard 


  • Personalized Services: We provide outstanding customer service and conduct constant customer follow ups to gather their feedback on our services and evaluate customer satisfaction.  
  • Convenience: We strive to ensure that our services are conveniently available to all population segments and also have personalized delivery. No waiting time at our dialysis unit and less than 30 minutes waiting time for other services.  
  • Quality: Maida Healthcare prides as a quality sensitive firm by investing in all the facets necessary to give consumer confidence at all times. In the eve revolving healthcare industry that is often influenced by changes in technology, regulations and rules of engagement, Maida`s stays abreast of ground-breaking healthcare technologies medical practices ensuring that patients get the best care. 
  • Partnership: Maida Healthcare partners with meticulously identified health facilities and organisations across various counties in Kenya offering referrals to the best in any medical field. 


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